Saturday, 2 September 2017

MUN@Neev: Our last day at HMUN

15th August 2017

Today was the last day of Harvard Model United Nations, India, 2017. All us woke up sad that it was the last committee session for this year’s HMUN conference. It had been a great, learning-filled experience for us. It seemed like these four days had flown by. Nevertheless, the four days had opened a new door for us, leading us to newer worlds.

On this day, we summed up the topic on our agenda by the adopting one resolution, and passing press releases and directives. We had to vote for a resolution that provided the best solution to the issue. The past few days had been about teamwork and collaboration, but voting was individual. Alas, some of our committees were unable to pass any resolution as consensus could not be reached. However, it is to be remembered that we as a committee did still achieve a lot – the ideas and thoughts discussed, and developed to solve the issues will be remembered. And someday we hope the world will imbibe some of the youthful ideals that are embodied in these resolutions. We entered the committee hall as eager children and left the hall as open minded, wiser adolescents.

After all the hard work that we had done, our directors allowed us to let loose! We danced in our committee halls, we played games, we voted on such things as ‘The cutest delegate’ or ‘The most dramatic delegate’.  

Later, the Secretary General, Kelsey Young gave awards to outstanding delegates and declared the end of HMUN India’s 7th session. It was time to bid adieu to friends we had made during our wonderful experience in Hyderabad.  As we looked at our fellow delegates and committee directors for the last time, each of us felt that we had been part of something bigger than ourselves and learnt something other than information and facts. We had learnt how to cooperate. To collaborate. To be diplomatic. We had learnt a little more about the beautiful world we live in and were determined to solve some of its problems.

We later checked out of the hotel and embarked on a one-hour journey to the airport. In the backseat of the bus, we recalled old memories of school trips and listened to music. The time for serious speeches had passed and we were determined to enjoy the last few hours of the trip. In the flight, a few of us proudly wore our maroon Harvard sweatshirts (not just because it was cold, but because we were proud to have attended a conference hosted by an Ivy League institution).

At 8:00 pm, we landed in Bangalore. We were glad to be reunited with our families. And so, ended our HMUN trip. In a way, it was our first taste of reality. In school, there aren’t many people in a class. In HMUN there were over a hundred people in many committees. These huge numbers brought out the importance of making oneself heard. In such a large committee, only a few are noticed, only a few are remembered. Just like it is in the world. There are only a few significant individuals that everyone knows and remembers. They are the ones who speak out. Who make people listen. Who give a little back to the world. In HMUN, the youth of today tried to give a little back to the world. We had had an enriching experience and look forward to more MUN opportunities, after all we are the youth, the ones who make the future.

Mehr Sohal

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