Wednesday, 2 August 2017

MUN@Neev: Preparing for HMUN 2

The preparation for HMUN continues! We have had many webinars so far and the second and third have been extremely helpful in our journey. In these webinars we were introduced to structuring an argument and giving effective speeches.

In the second webinar, which was about structuring an argument, we discussed how to create an effective argument which will encourage other delegates to side with your position and work in favour of you. One of the main points highlighted through the webinar were that we as delegates have to understand what other nations want and have to critically understand how we can portray and make amendments to our solutions in order to gain more allies. This connects to the learner profile of open mindedness as delegates have to understand how to implement their ideas while taking others positions into consideration as well.

In webinar 3, we discussed how to make effective speeches. We talked about vocal intonation and physical actions that would help us keep our audience and not lose them. We learnt that we have to be clear and comprehensible. We have to use language that is easy for the audience to understand. We have to cut down our arguments to 1 minute or less.

We are looking forward to attending the webinars and expanding our knowledge while developing lifelong skills at the same time.
Sarah and Kriti

MUN@Neev Team

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