Monday, 2 April 2018

The Countdown to Our First PYP Exhibition!

The much awaited Neev’s first PYP Exhibition is here, celebrating the students’ learning journey in the PYP years. We are looking forward to an exciting event and certainly another milestone for us. Students will be showcasing their explorations, learning and actions to members within the Neev community and to an audience comprising of other PYP schools. The cynosure will be on all the elements of PYP. The excitement amongst our 5th graders is palpable. The students are very ebullient and come across as committed and confident learners.

The Exhibition Unit is student led with teachers and mentors facilitating the inquiry. The focus is to build a body of knowledge with skills, disposition and concepts woven in right measures. No learning is complete unless it is put in action. Our young inquirers are definitely doing it and we can have a peek into the same on the 13th and 14th of April.




Friday, 30 March 2018

MUN@Neev to WIMUN: A journey

MUN@Neev is an initiative started by the teachers to provide us with the appropriate experience we need to participate in an MUN conference. I was very eager to participate in it. I have taken part in MUN for two years and the experience has been really helpful in developing collaborative, consensus-building and critical thinking skills. Being able to think on the spot, speaking using the information from my research, managing my time and myself, and meeting deadlines, these are just a few things I am proud of being able to do.

This summer, we, the Grade 7 students, will get our first taste of MUN outside Neev. It will be a great way to showcase our learning. The trip will be a real test of our organization skills, keeping track of different events will be hard. The amount of research that has to be completed for this conference is alarming, so far this process has been intensive and very difficult; however, we have received a lot of help from the senior students. I would like to thank them --  they have given us first hand information which really gave us an idea of what to look forward to. Our senior students have provided excellent examples on how to  participate and make our voice heard in these conferences, and we look forward to living up to their expectations.

In this new venture, I aim to define myself as a Munner. My goal is to actively participate and showcase my opinion and my ideas. Personally, I feel honoured to represent Neev at this prestigious conference. I will give my 110% and do my best to make Neev proud.

Tarun Padmanabhan
Grade 7
Words of advice from a senior MUN student

That is how to do it

Eager listeners
We learn from experience

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What's happening at MUN@Neev?

Mun@Neev helps us to learn about the world around us, with the decorum and enthusiasm required to succeed at Model United Nations Conferences. We are currently debating the legality of Early and Forced Marriage and its influence on society. Our first topic was the Use of Mercenaries, and we had to come up with solutions, which we drafted into resolutions. The accuracy and quality of the draft resolution was to be determined by vote and the best draft resolution (the one with the highest number of votes) would have been selected as a solution to the issue at hand. We failed to reach a consensus on the proposed solutions, but we did learn a lot - leadership skills, cooperation, social skills and research skills. The application of research skills and leadership skills was clearly evident in the depth of research of the draft resolutions.

    A new chapter started for us in November: we have been given the responsibility of running MUN@Neev. We are becoming more independent and improving our collaboration skills, but it is hard work. We plan to cross our boundaries, pay attention to the tiniest detail, knowing that we will create solutions to what are some of the world’s most contentious issues.

Onkar Kulkarni

Saturday, 2 September 2017

MUN@Neev: Our last day at HMUN

15th August 2017

Today was the last day of Harvard Model United Nations, India, 2017. All us woke up sad that it was the last committee session for this year’s HMUN conference. It had been a great, learning-filled experience for us. It seemed like these four days had flown by. Nevertheless, the four days had opened a new door for us, leading us to newer worlds.

On this day, we summed up the topic on our agenda by the adopting one resolution, and passing press releases and directives. We had to vote for a resolution that provided the best solution to the issue. The past few days had been about teamwork and collaboration, but voting was individual. Alas, some of our committees were unable to pass any resolution as consensus could not be reached. However, it is to be remembered that we as a committee did still achieve a lot – the ideas and thoughts discussed, and developed to solve the issues will be remembered. And someday we hope the world will imbibe some of the youthful ideals that are embodied in these resolutions. We entered the committee hall as eager children and left the hall as open minded, wiser adolescents.

After all the hard work that we had done, our directors allowed us to let loose! We danced in our committee halls, we played games, we voted on such things as ‘The cutest delegate’ or ‘The most dramatic delegate’.  

Later, the Secretary General, Kelsey Young gave awards to outstanding delegates and declared the end of HMUN India’s 7th session. It was time to bid adieu to friends we had made during our wonderful experience in Hyderabad.  As we looked at our fellow delegates and committee directors for the last time, each of us felt that we had been part of something bigger than ourselves and learnt something other than information and facts. We had learnt how to cooperate. To collaborate. To be diplomatic. We had learnt a little more about the beautiful world we live in and were determined to solve some of its problems.

We later checked out of the hotel and embarked on a one-hour journey to the airport. In the backseat of the bus, we recalled old memories of school trips and listened to music. The time for serious speeches had passed and we were determined to enjoy the last few hours of the trip. In the flight, a few of us proudly wore our maroon Harvard sweatshirts (not just because it was cold, but because we were proud to have attended a conference hosted by an Ivy League institution).

At 8:00 pm, we landed in Bangalore. We were glad to be reunited with our families. And so, ended our HMUN trip. In a way, it was our first taste of reality. In school, there aren’t many people in a class. In HMUN there were over a hundred people in many committees. These huge numbers brought out the importance of making oneself heard. In such a large committee, only a few are noticed, only a few are remembered. Just like it is in the world. There are only a few significant individuals that everyone knows and remembers. They are the ones who speak out. Who make people listen. Who give a little back to the world. In HMUN, the youth of today tried to give a little back to the world. We had had an enriching experience and look forward to more MUN opportunities, after all we are the youth, the ones who make the future.

Mehr Sohal

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

MUN@Neev: Preparing for HMUN 2

The preparation for HMUN continues! We have had many webinars so far and the second and third have been extremely helpful in our journey. In these webinars we were introduced to structuring an argument and giving effective speeches.

In the second webinar, which was about structuring an argument, we discussed how to create an effective argument which will encourage other delegates to side with your position and work in favour of you. One of the main points highlighted through the webinar were that we as delegates have to understand what other nations want and have to critically understand how we can portray and make amendments to our solutions in order to gain more allies. This connects to the learner profile of open mindedness as delegates have to understand how to implement their ideas while taking others positions into consideration as well.

In webinar 3, we discussed how to make effective speeches. We talked about vocal intonation and physical actions that would help us keep our audience and not lose them. We learnt that we have to be clear and comprehensible. We have to use language that is easy for the audience to understand. We have to cut down our arguments to 1 minute or less.

We are looking forward to attending the webinars and expanding our knowledge while developing lifelong skills at the same time.
Sarah and Kriti

MUN@Neev Team

Thursday, 20 July 2017

MUN@Neev: Preparing for HMUN

This year a few MUN students from Grades 8 and 9 will be participating in the Havard Model United Nations in August. The HMUN is a forum for high school delegates to debate and discuss international issues such as the Status of Women, Child Abduction and Rights, Cybersecurity, among several others. 
    We have been attending extra classes after school to complete research on the committees and the topic. These classes are a platform for us to have our queries answered, decide on deadlines for our work, research, and discuss procedures. 
    On the 5th of July, the Neev Munners had their first after-school session for the Harvard Model United Nations. We worked together in our respective committees. In this session, we focused on reading the background guides. A background guide is an extremely factual document compiled by the directors of HMUN to help us get familiar with the committee and its related topic .  
    This first session in preparation for the HMUN has energised us. We are excited to work hard and want to do well!

Mehr Sohal, Grade 8
Aarushi Mutreja, Grade 9

MUN@Neev Team