Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What's happening at MUN@Neev?

Mun@Neev helps us to learn about the world around us, with the decorum and enthusiasm required to succeed at Model United Nations Conferences. We are currently debating the legality of Early and Forced Marriage and its influence on society. Our first topic was the Use of Mercenaries, and we had to come up with solutions, which we drafted into resolutions. The accuracy and quality of the draft resolution was to be determined by vote and the best draft resolution (the one with the highest number of votes) would have been selected as a solution to the issue at hand. We failed to reach a consensus on the proposed solutions, but we did learn a lot - leadership skills, cooperation, social skills and research skills. The application of research skills and leadership skills was clearly evident in the depth of research of the draft resolutions.

    A new chapter started for us in November: we have been given the responsibility of running MUN@Neev. We are becoming more independent and improving our collaboration skills, but it is hard work. We plan to cross our boundaries, pay attention to the tiniest detail, knowing that we will create solutions to what are some of the world’s most contentious issues.

Onkar Kulkarni

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