Tuesday, 4 April 2017

MUN@Neev - Discussion with Miss Katherine Bonner

Over two days, we had the privilege of speaking to Miss Katherine Bonner via Skye. Miss Bonner is the Under-Secretary General of WIMUN. She had started participating in MUN when she was in 9th Grade, around the same age as us.

It was great to know that the WIMUN is an excellent platform as we take our first steps in MUN.

During the Skype call, she explained what happens in the sessions and what is expected of delegates. She briefly outlined the background of WIMUN and the procedures it follows. The session begins with the plenary, during which all committees meet and discuss the agenda. The main agenda for this year’s WIMUN is the 2030 sustainable development goals set by the UN. After the plenary, we meet as committees and have a Formal Debate. In this, the delegates are required to give a speech of 2-4 minutes on the topic. Miss Bonner also gave us the basic structure of the speech and the kind of language to be used while addressing the rest of the delegates. Following this discussion, we will have a time during which we can move around and talk to other delegates informally. We also found out that we would be part of blocs (groups of countries with similar interests), and would have to make a resolution document for each bloc, and then combine them.

We learnt that we should put in a lot more preparation, effort and research to be ready for the WIMUN conference. Our biggest learning was the consensus model that it is not about getting our solution imposed, but creating a solution that each country would be more or less happy with – it is about compromise.

“If something is not agreed on, then find a way for everyone to agree.”


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