Wednesday, 12 April 2017

MUN@Neev - Webinar (2nd April 2017)

On 2nd April, the students of Grade 7 and FB experienced their very first WIMUN webinar with more than 100 students from around India! The webinar was held by the organizers of the WIMUN India 2017, Finn Carlson and Chris Siakkas. On behalf of all the students who attended the webinar from our school, I can say that the webinar was a wonderful and educational experience.

We got to learn so much from Finn about the procedures of the conference and how each stage will take place. In the end, we were also allowed to have a live question and answer session in which we were able to clear our several doubts about WIMUN India 2017.

We also learnt about the meanings and importance of the different
organs of the UN. The major advantage of the webinar, was that we had a dedicated section in the last 15 minutes, to ask questions and get them answered for each of the different things that we learnt from the webinar.

Mehr Sohal
Abinav Venkatagiri

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