Thursday, 16 March 2017

New Beginnings

From 29th April to 3rd May, the students of Grade 7 and Foundation Batch will participate, for the first time as a school, in the WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN) in Agra. This event is organized by the World Federation of United Nations Associations. The students of MUN@Neev have started preparing for this conference.

23rd February 2017  - The Preparations Begin

In our first MUN meeting, we worked on developing our understanding of the procedures of the MUN, using a new strategy introduced by our teachers. We were assigned groups and each group had a summarizer, a definer, an interpreter and an evaluator, working on different aspects of the topic. We used our collaboration and research skills.  We will present this to the rest of the class next week. This activity really energised us.

DSCN0259.JPG         DSCN0253.JPG
Students working in their groups.

2nd March 2017 - The Presentations

DSCN0256.JPGToday, each group presented their research on MUN procedures. Was our research good? Did we address the topic in detail? Did we work well together as group? Did we speak clearly, articulating well? These were some of the things we discussed. We look forward to working on the feedback we received.
Students presenting their work.

[Photos: MUN@Neev]

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