Friday, 30 March 2018

MUN@Neev to WIMUN: A journey

MUN@Neev is an initiative started by the teachers to provide us with the appropriate experience we need to participate in an MUN conference. I was very eager to participate in it. I have taken part in MUN for two years and the experience has been really helpful in developing collaborative, consensus-building and critical thinking skills. Being able to think on the spot, speaking using the information from my research, managing my time and myself, and meeting deadlines, these are just a few things I am proud of being able to do.

This summer, we, the Grade 7 students, will get our first taste of MUN outside Neev. It will be a great way to showcase our learning. The trip will be a real test of our organization skills, keeping track of different events will be hard. The amount of research that has to be completed for this conference is alarming, so far this process has been intensive and very difficult; however, we have received a lot of help from the senior students. I would like to thank them --  they have given us first hand information which really gave us an idea of what to look forward to. Our senior students have provided excellent examples on how to  participate and make our voice heard in these conferences, and we look forward to living up to their expectations.

In this new venture, I aim to define myself as a Munner. My goal is to actively participate and showcase my opinion and my ideas. Personally, I feel honoured to represent Neev at this prestigious conference. I will give my 110% and do my best to make Neev proud.

Tarun Padmanabhan
Grade 7
Words of advice from a senior MUN student

That is how to do it

Eager listeners
We learn from experience

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