Thursday, 12 March 2015

Radio Plays created by students of Grade 3 and Grade 4

We are glad to share the recordings of the Radio Plays created by the students of Grade 3 and Grade 4 in their theatre studies class. This is an out-come of the Vocal Theatre skills (Loudness, Clarity, Modulation) training workshop spread across over 4 weeks.

Do listen and share your feedback keeping in mind the following understanding:

1. All scripts are by teams of 4 students and these are 50mins long

2. Each telecast contains the following items: Name of the channel, slogan, Ad breaks, News telecast, Radio play series, Interviews, Contest (optional) and Prank call (optional)

3. Grade 3 had freedom to select  script theme based or no-theme for the content, But Grade 4 had to create content aligning to the  class unit of civilisation (i.e. Chinese, Egypt, Greek or Roman)

4. One full class was used in training for the vocal workout for this project focusing on Vocal clarity, loudness and modulation exercises

5. Very basic voice recording equipment with no editing and one take recoding was used to keep the process simple and to make sure the focus is on the over-all vocal training and vocal scripting & exploration

6. No Script editing is provided by the facilitators, only feedback based on clarity, hearing experience, entertainment, team utilization, Time and quality of content were shared post first dummy recording

Hope you enjoy listening to these recordings as much as the students have enjoyed creating them.

Grade 3A                           Grade 3B                                Grade 4
1. Anushka & Team          1. Devanshi & Team               1. Disha & Team
2. Khushi & Team             2. Riya & Team                       2. Gauri & Team
3. Shreya & Team             3. Shaunak & Team                 3. Khwahish & Team (Chinese)
4. Sunav & Team              4. Siya & Team                        4. Tarun & Team (Greek)

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