Thursday, 19 February 2015

Grade 3 explore through their trek to Banathimari Betta!!

February 9, Monday

Students of Grade 3 went on a trek to Banathimari Betta which is located between the villages of Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli, 3 kilometers from Kanakapura town and just off the highway to Mysore.

The students were excited for days about going on a trek. The trek threw up a myriad challenges with the rocky path, thorny bushes and glowing sun. Students pushed out of their comfort zone, tested their limits and discovered their hidden potential. There was fun and frolic interlaced with the learning that made the trek up Banathimari Betta a truly memorable experience.

To further understand the many goals of exploration, the students had the opportunity to speak with an explorer – Ms. Kavitha Reddy, who shared with us her experience of summiting many Himalayan and other peaks, and brought out the many goals and challenges of exploring. After all our in-class work, students set their own goals for an exploration, and we were pleased to see a developing understanding of the core values of Perseverance and Respect for themselves, their goals, and their peers during our trek to Bananthimari Betta. Going on the trek and successfully reaching the summit was an accomplishment in itself, but it was great to see the students helping and supporting each other and complementing and celebrating each other’s success. Their reflection on the trek was highly commendable when the core take away was team spirit. 

The arduous climb up to the flat peak of Banathimari with the most glorious winds and breathtaking views was indeed a remarkable and rewarding trip.

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