Friday, 31 October 2014

Iconic Structures of Bangalore

Wednesday September 17, 2014

As an extension to our last field-trip to Cubbon Park, we planned a tour around Bangalore to see some of the iconic structures in Bangalore like KR Puram Bridge, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore Palace and UB City. 

With more learning and understanding of different structures, children with their journals were ready to board the bus to see these magnificent structures and learn about them.

Our trip started off by seeing the KR Puram Bridge where children could see the cables suspended and holding the bridge and keeping it stable.  

We then headed towards Vidhana Soudha, a magnificent structure standing in the center of Bangalore; embellishing the center with National Emblem (4 headed lions). Our amazing artists sat in front of the building and sketched the structure with details of domes and pillars designed in Dravidian style. 

We then drove to Bangalore Palace which was built with stones and in Tudor style. Most of them had visited Bangalore Palace last year and so were aware of the history of the palace. But in this trip, we sat outside the palace and discussed the structural design and materials used to build the palace. 

Our last stop was UB City, where Mr. Timmaiah, Head of Security chauffeured us all the way to the restaurant and the other parts of the upscale mall. Children relaxed and had their lunch and were excited to see the fountain hoping to play thereJ. We proceeded to the amphitheatre area to discuss how different this modern structure looked compared to the other two that we saw. The amazing 19 floors tower added an insight to what a skyscraper is.  

After this visit to the iconic structures of Bangalore, children came back with a wider understanding of structures.

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