Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beautiful old structures in Cubbon Park

Wednesday September 3rd, 2014

Students (Grade 2) have been engaged in various activities inside the classroom to understand how structures are designed and created based on the materials available and the vision of the designer. Students’ encountered different learning experiences that enhanced deep and active learning.

Students saw many old structures in Cubbon Park like the State Central Library, High Court, Band Stand and the Government Art Museum. Before the field-trip, students did basic research on these structures so the learning is more active and engaging.
Neev Students outside State Central Library Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Our Young learners at the State Central Library  Cubbon Park, Bangalore

The learning started off by understanding why the structures have designs that depict culture of a place or culture of people that planned to build these structures. Why are all the structures red? Why lime, bricks and granite were used to build the structures? How does the design help the function of a structure? Students were shown slides of all the structures and the map of Cubbon Park which gave them a clear understanding of the plan of the park which was to demarcate British Cantonment and Old Bangalore (Bangalore Pettai). 

It was an experience that brought classroom study alive for students and helped them remember and relate to what they have learned

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