Friday, 5 May 2017

MUN@Neev: WIMUN Diaries - Day 4

Tuesday – 2 May 2017

Today we finished the final resolution as a committee. We finished the review using the Vienna Formula and we moved on to the line-by-line review. In this stage, we learnt how to apply preambular and operative terms (further, recommends, suggests, ... ).

Committee I
Our Vienna formula session took very long but we managed to finish it and moved on to the review where we went through each line and proposed amendments. If the sponsors agreed to the amendments, the paragraph was marked 'agreed as ref ', if not, we opened the floor to informal consultations with other delegates.
Throughout this process, I reflected on the importance of time management and communication skills.

Committee III
After we had finished the first line by line review, we realised the need to shorten the resolution (ours was 24 pages long!). I came up with the idea that we could segregate the operative paragraphs under their topics and make one paragraph for each. Soon, everything was organized and we managed to finish in time. 
My greatest learning was when I had stood up and took charge at the time when I felt my committee had come to a halt. I applied and developed my leadership, time management and organisational skills.

- Naviya and Sarah

Sarah and Aarushi, two of the sponsors of the resolution, take charge of the discussions


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