Thursday, 16 February 2017

Grade 4 - Lemonade Stand set up by our young Entrepreneurs!

Date:  8th February, 2017,  Wednesday
Grade: 4

A day was filled with anxiety and excitement for our children was not just a learning experience but a true challenge which gave them lifelong profound learning. The day started off with the class taking an oath that whatever happens they will be principled when they conduct the sales. As a team, they set up their stalls, mixed the lemonade and got ready with exuberance. The market opened and our budding entrepreneurs did make us feel proud when they put together their learning of the past 6 weeks together to meet the demands of the market. They not only used the learning from the unit ‘How we organize ourselves’ but also went back to what they learnt in their advertising unit to market their business and persuade customers to buy their product.

Now it is time to reflect on the how they did in terms of profit. The groups were anxious to know what their revenue was and if they made a profit or not. They used costing sheets to calculate the revenue and come up with an overall understanding of the unit. It was interesting to see their reflections that showed how students exhibited their learner profiles, skills and attitudes during the whole process.

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