Thursday, 11 December 2014

Run-up to Encore Neevotsav 2014

With much hard work – memorizing, dancing, and laughter – kids at encore lead up to Neevotsav 2014. Journeys of many kinds!

Grade 3's with the land of hattamala, two brothers-in-arms – kena & bacha - escaping to a land where people know not the concept of money, treat fights as the 'hattamala game', share all they have, and co-exist with song, dance and laughter. The grade 3's charm everyone with their song, dance, and expressions.

Grade 4 & 5 with the phantasmogorical journey to recognise the value of time, which waits for no man, and must be used fruitfully, recognizing that numbers and words...are the weave and woof of the fabric of life…which is about balancing all the forces in your life and moving forward towards a goal, without distractions always. 

Foundation batch with the journey of a hero -  enacting Homers Odyssey in 'Ensemble' style, recognizing that being a hero isn't all trumpets and flag waving…winning battles and great glory…its about giving people good cheer when afraid..its about making the choice..right choice! Its about fighting hardships and distractions and reaching your goal. Reaching Ithaca.

With all the excellence being achieve by the children, we didn't need luck, but did need blessings to move forward - The clouds opened up and the heavens rained down on the first dress rehearsal – quite literally. Moving half the rehearsal indoors to start with, our grand little actors and actresses were unperturbed and the show did go on. We're hoping for better weather today, our second rehearsal, before show-night.

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