Thursday, 18 December 2014

Core Neevotsav 2014 rehearsals

After going through unseasonal rains at the Encore Neevotsav  - even though the team (adults and kids) adapted beautifully to the last minute additions of roofs, light changes, and much else - this time we're all prepared to take on the rain – and it looks like we're not going to have any..Well, good thing to have all those adaptive challenges with the older ones!

Many weeks of intense practise, memorizing lines, dance steps, and much else -  bring us to the final rehearsals which are such a joy to watch – the beauty of children's voices in song, their innocent expressions of joy, their exuberant dances - all revealing the secrets of happiness on earth, facing fears that the sun may die, and understanding the winter solstice. Last night, our grades 1 & 2,  with the first technical rehearsal were more fascinated by all the equipment around – make–up, light, sound, mikes! What could be more exciting?! The first technical rehearsal run through was more or less smooth. 

Tonight is our last practise. Wishing for continued good weather, encouraging our little ones for a great culmination of their 4th unit – on 'how we express ourselves' -  with displays of creative art expressions for grades 1 & 2  -  Core Neevotsav 2014.

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