Thursday, 4 December 2014

An exciting semi-final and final match between Grade 2A & Grade 2B

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Report written by the students of Grade 2A

We had our football tournament - both semi-finals and finals in Whitefield, Inner Circle Ground. The Semi-finals was played between two teams of 2A and 2B. This game was played between 11.30 to 12.15 pm. It was a game where everyone wanted to hit a goal, and was ready to block each other and tackle the ball with a hope to go the finals.

So the game started with the players gathering energy and ready to play against the opponent. If was first a semi-finals between two teams of 2A first and then two teams of 2B. The match between the 2A teams was a tie when Vidur and Arav scored two goals in the penalty shootout and went to the finals against a team in 2B.

The two teams in the finals came to the ground with a lot of excitement. Neel Roy (2B) played a brilliant game when Aniket passed the ball to Neel and he tackled the ball and hit the first goal. Vidur (2A) ran to defend Neel and tackled the ball all the way to the goal post and scored one goal. It was an amazing goal by Vidur, but Neel’s team got serious about the game and he took the ball to the center-start. He then scored another goal which led the 2B to WIN the tournament!

The players put in their best effort and showed team work. It was great fun!

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